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Hainan Hengde Imp. The international communication platform of China continues to promote the internationalization of Chinese industry. Our business includes: global trade, logistics and warehousing services, involving many countries and regions around the world. In the context of Hainan's vigorous construction of a free trade zone trading port, the company has now established a multi-regional and multi-domain trading system, which aims to provide customers with the highest quality services and share trade benefits. Our aim is "to do everything for our customers, to do better in trade" Our vision is "to join the customers to go to the world, the cooperative relationship is endless" Hainan Hengde Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. established a business in Haikou on June 4, 2019. Our founders firmly believe that combining professional one-stop service, comprehensive transportation services and professional warehousing services will serve customers. Occupy an advantageous position in the international competitive market.
  • Supporting of engineering materials
  • Installation of hydropower equipment
  • Import and export trade
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