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Hainan will become the world's largest free trade port!
Issuing time:2020-03-07 09:13:20

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The Central Government announced that Hainan Island will be built into

The world's largest free trade port

Hainan Special Economic Zone

Finally ushered in a new chapter

Leaping from a large tourism province to a large economic province

Hainanese! We are going to develop!

This is an

The world's largest free trade port

This is an

Free trade port 35 times larger than Hong Kong

This is an

The only free trade port in mainland China

If Hainan is established as a free trade port, it will be more than 1,000 square kilometers in Hong Kong and Singapore, and less than 4,000 square kilometers in Dubai, making it the world's largest free trade port.

Xia Fengxiang, deputy dean, said that this is a breakthrough in Hainan's greater open policy and open model, which will be more conducive to Hainan's central hub role in the construction of the “Belt and Road”, especially in Pan-South China Sea economic cooperation.

The most developed city in the world can never be separated from the harbor

The Central Government fully supports Hainan as a free trade port

Hainan's future economy has unlimited future

What is a free trade port?

Free trade ports are generally regarded as the most open free trade zones. In the free trade ports, the front line of the customs is truly liberalized, the goods flow freely, the trade control measures for imported goods are eliminated or simplified to the greatest extent, and the front line declaration procedures are simplified.

Usually refers to the port area that is located in the territory of the country and outside the customs control point and allows foreign goods and funds to enter and leave freely. Foreign vessels, aircrafts and other means of transportation can also move freely.

Freer foreign trade

People in the industry pointed out that free trade ports are usually regarded as the most open free trade pilot zones, and can often become a region, or even the world ’s openness and trade hub.

On the basis of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, exploring the establishment of a free trade port will promote the implementation of a new round of high-level opening to the outside world, with higher levels of opening up and greater efforts in areas such as finance and service industries, resulting in higher levels of resource optimization. The configuration also helps to dock the new rules of international trade and investment.

China will continue to open wider to the outside world and continue to expand foreign trade. Hainan Free Trade Port will play an important role in this process.

The free trade pilot zone and free trade port are characterized by "freedom". This is not only freedom in taxation and trade, but also freedom in institutional arrangements, which will further stimulate the initiative and vitality of the region and promote the process of opening up. ☞ Hong Kong-The big show is finally over!

What is the concept? just look at the picture

I'll check it out for you

Few free trade ports in the world


Hong Kong


The central government made six specific requirements to Hainan, indicating that it has a high positioning and high expectations for Hainan, and put forward that it welcomes investors from all over the world to invest in Hainan to start a business. It is necessary to use the power of the country and gather the wealth of the four parties to support Hainan. "Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Opening-up in Hainan". ☞ Astonishing! Farewell to Hong Kong! !! !!

Our Hainan area is dozens or hundreds of times larger than them!

Behind is booming China as a support

It's hard to get a step! Rise of Hainan! China rises!

Opportunities for Free Trade Ports to Hainan

Why choose Hainan?

Zhang Yansheng (Secretary-General of the Academic Committee of the National Development and Reform Commission) replied:

First of all, it is an important open gateway facing the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. From the perspective of mainland China, Hainan Island is a nerve ending, but if it is facing the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean and the world, it is a new round of reform. The cutting edge of openness. ☞ This is India's real threat to China.

In the future, China will promote economic globalization. Hainan is undoubtedly in a priority position in terms of space. Choosing Hainan also means that China will be more open to the world in the next step.

Significance for the development of Hainan and even China

Boao's speech surfaced that in the next step China will further improve the investment environment and further relax market access. Hainan Island will take two steps in the future, which is to create a high standard of investment environment, business environment, market environment, rule of law environment, green environment and innovation environment in China, Asia and the world.

First of all, Hainan will have a very high degree of internationalization. Second, its industry, its greenness, livability, and wisdom will have very distinctive development characteristics. Third, it will serve as an international tourism consumption center in the future. The country, the entire region, and even the world is one of the most beautiful centers, and it will be an important strategic fulcrum of the "Belt and Road".

In the future, Hainan will play a more important role in some major national strategies.

The country has predicted the development prospects of Hainan

Future policies are increasingly tilted towards Hainan!

In fact, our investigation found that health, medicine, tourism, new energy and culture are the top five industries with the most growth in China, and these five industries have broad development prospects in Hainan. It also includes some very important commodity transactions and some soft and hard infrastructure in the future. I believe Hainan will play an important role.

Practical significance to ordinary people in Hainan

The following blueprints are

Conceived with reference to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone

From the plan! Free trade port benefits are more than free trade zone benefits!

NO.1 imported cabbage price

Taking the Shanghai Free Trade Zone as an example, because the price of imported goods is 10% to 30% cheaper than the market, frequent customers are “bursting. No need to find someone to buy in the future.

NO.2 low price of imported cars

The free trade zone allows importers to import directly from the origin of the car. In this way, buying the same imported car from the free trade zone will be 15% to 30% cheaper than traditional 4S stores.

NO.3 enjoy international high-end medical services

Due to the preferential tax and fee in the free trade zone, the cost of hospitals to introduce equipment will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the foreign-funded hospitals introduced into the free trade zone are basically internationally leading medical equipment, so that ordinary people in Hainan can get better services for the same money. ☞ Rao Yi, President of Medical University: Spoil the atmosphere! A few old academicians turned around a director to smile!

NO.4 Outbound Tourism

Foreign-invested travel agencies entering the free trade zone can enjoy the tax benefits of the free-trade zone. In addition, foreign travel agencies can more easily obtain qualifications for outbound travel, with advantages in networking, management, branding, and capital. The price of products launched will be more There are advantages, and there are more tourist routes to choose from.

NO.5 low threshold for entrepreneurship, many discounts

Entrepreneurship can mainly enjoy streamlined business processes, preferential import and export tax policies, and many financial policy innovation advantages. In this way, not only the registration threshold is lowered, but also the subsequent preferential support policies. Many college students and emerging Internet companies regard the free trade zone as a hot place for entrepreneurship.

NO.6 "International Wages" Synchronously High

Since the free trade zone is committed to creating an international, rule of law, and market-oriented business environment, it will inevitably create a high demand for high-level talents, especially in the fields of finance, logistics, and IT. Many university graduates and majors Talents will have the opportunity to get "international wages" far exceeding the level of the same industry without going abroad. ☞ Trump cured the Chinese people for nearly two centuries

NO.7 Individuals can invest in Hong Kong and US stocks

In the free trade zone, individuals can open free trade accounts, and individuals outside the zone can also open free trade accounts. As long as the relevant supporting rules are promulgated, individuals can invest in overseas capital markets such as Hong Kong stocks and US stocks through free trade accounts.

NO.8 big-name stars see you soon

According to the regulations, the free trade zone allows the establishment of wholly foreign-owned companies and the establishment of wholly foreign-owned performance agencies. This is the "xiangxiang" in the eyes of foreign cultural giants!

Everyone knows that Ma Yun, Wang Jianlin, Li Jiacheng, Wang Shi and other big guys are very passionate about reading, and even if they are busy at work, they have to spend an hour to read.

Someone once ran to ask Ma Yun: "I have read many books, but most of them have been forgotten. What do you mean by reading?"

Ma Yun replied, "When I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can't remember what I ate. But to be sure, most of the food has grown into my bones and flesh."

In fact, the height of your life basically depends on the books you have read and the people you meet.

Russian iron-handed Emperor Putin's life turns

Everyone knows that Putin is the President of Russia, and he has been sitting firmly in this position for more than ten years. He is known as Putin, the Russian soul, and is the most attractive man in the heart of Russian women.

Putin once talked about a magical little thing about reading in his book "Putin".

After graduating from college, Putin has been following his tutor Sobchak. Sobcek was both Putin's mentor and the first and only mayor of St. Petersburg at the time. At the time Putin was a capable assistant to Sobchak.

In 1996, Sobchak's election failed, and a rather fierce and very dirty attack on Putin followed. After the election failed, someone gave Putin a job in the new St. Petersburg government, but he refused, discouraged, and even considered being a taxi driver!

One day, decadent at home, he dug out a copy of the "Lenin Biography" sent by a friend in the past, and after reading it carefully, he found that Lenin had also had a period as unsavory as him.

Suddenly, he suddenly realized that in his previous career as a staff member, he was really wrong in his strategy, which led to today's situation.

The next day, he asked his wife to pack up and went to Moscow, and through planning and mastering contacts, there was Putin, who we later knew!

Du Yuesheng, Emperor and Godfather of Shanghai

Without exposure to advanced thinking and strategies, I never know how to change the current dilemma of life. If there is no money to continue, there will be no money, and the people who plan will get better and better.

A generation of heroes, the Shanghai gangster boss Du Yuesheng was the best example!

In the past, Shanghai Beach had three ruthless roles: Jin Rong, Zhang Xiaolin, and Du Yuesheng. There is such a saying: Jin Rong is greedy for money, Zhang Xiaolin fights well, and Du Yuesheng is a man.

All three of them have mixed wind and water, and have heads and faces on the beach. But only Du Yuesheng was carrying sacks at the dock.

Du Yuesheng's family was poor. He hadn't read a few days. When he carried sacks at the dock, he turned to the then boss Jin Rongrong.

Du Yuesheng has a hobby, that is, he goes to the teahouse every day to listen to the lecturers. "The talker talks about Zhu Yuanzhang today, Su Dongpo tomorrow, and the situation the day after tomorrow."

To others, the tea house is just a pastime for passing time, and to Du Yuesheng, this is his "study."

Although he is only a small stature who hasn't read many books, but in this tea house, the wisdom of 5,000 years has flowed from the mouth of Mr. Shushu to his mind. There was also the later Shanghai emperor and gang godfather.

Du Yuesheng's wisdom is most talked about in his wisdom in dealing with things. He often said: "The first class; the ability is great, the temper is small. The medium person; The ability is great, the temper is good. The inferior person; . "

All the people on the beach served him! At that time, Chairman Mao also commented, "This person, Du Yuesheng, has the ability to lose his temper!"

Later, Zhang Xiaolin publicly enemies, coexisted and co-prospered with the Japanese, and was shot dead in 1940;

Huang Jinrong swept the road at the gate of the Great World in 1951 and accepted the transformation;

Only Du Yuesheng spent the rest of his life in Hong Kong, and eventually destroyed all the IOUs there.

In life, most people actually don't have advanced education and don't have the opportunity to study the sage books hard.

However, anyone who is a little accomplished, no matter what his or her origin and culture, must be a person who loves reading and is motivated!

Everyone has a different way of reading. People with time and education will hold a book and study hard anytime, anywhere.

But for most people, in fact, reading is difficult, I do n’t know what to read, I have no time to go to work or entertainment, and I ca n’t read.

Therefore, many people are willing to choose the "listening" approach.

Get up early, wash, drive, go to work, and lie in bed before bed.

I recommend that you join the "Celebrity Biography · Elite Reading Program", reading 15 celebrity biographies a week, 15 minutes a day.

Including "Zeng Guofan's Family Book", "Biography of Du Yuesheng", "Biography of Ma Yun", "Biography of Chiang Kai-shek", "Biography of Li Ka-shing" and so on.

You can learn from them the wisdom of living in the world and the strategy of controlling the human heart;