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Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Overall Plan for the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Issuing time:2020-03-07 09:12:40

State Council on Issuing China (Hainan)

Notice of the General Plan of the Free Trade Pilot Zone

Guofa (2018) No. 34

People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and agencies directly under the Central Government:

The "General Plan of China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone" is hereby issued to you, please implement it conscientiously.

State Council

September 24, 2018

(This is publicly released)

Overall Plan of China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Entrusting Hainan Special Economic Zone with its new mission of reform and opening up is a major national strategy that General Secretary Xi Jinping personally planned, deployed and promoted. The construction of the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Pilot Free Trade Zone) is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council focusing on international and domestic development, in-depth research, overall consideration, and scientific planning. Major measures to promote economic globalization. In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important speech at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Special Economic Zone of Hainan Province, implement the requirements of the “Guiding Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Supporting Hainan ’s Comprehensive Deepening of Reform and Opening Up”, and build a high-standard and high-quality free trade pilot zone. , Make this plan.

I. General requirements

(A) guiding ideology. Holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC, guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, upholding and strengthening the party's overall leadership and the people The development philosophy of the center, adhere to the general tone of steady progress, adhere to the new development concept, adhere to high-quality development, coordinate the overall layout of the "five-in-one" and coordinate the "four comprehensive" strategic layout to supply-side structural reform Take the main line, emancipate the mind, bold innovation, adhere to openness first, take system innovation as the core, and give greater reform autonomy, bold test, bold innovation, independent reform, deepen administrative decentralization, decentralization and management, optimize service reform, and accelerate Forming a rule of law, internationalization, and facilitation business environment and a fair, open, unified, and efficient market environment; integrating the concept of ecological civilization throughout the entire process of the FTA Pilot Zone; actively exploring new modes of ecological green development in the FTA Pilot Zone; and strengthening the reform system Integration, and strive to achieve more institutional innovation results, highlighting the comprehensive deepening of reforms and opening up Tian role.

(2) Strategic positioning. Leveraging the overall advantages of the Hainan Island pilot project, we will focus on building a comprehensive and deepening reform and opening up pilot zone, a national ecological civilization pilot zone, an international tourism consumption center, and a major national strategic service guarantee zone. We will implement a more proactive opening strategy and accelerate the establishment of openness. The new economic system promotes the formation of a new pattern of comprehensive opening-up, and builds Hainan into an important open door for China to the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

(3) Development goals. Benchmark international advanced rules, continue to deepen reform and exploration, promote high-quality development with high-level opening, and accelerate the establishment of an open ecological service-oriented industrial system. By 2020, significant progress will be made in the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and international openness will be significantly improved. Efforts will be made to facilitate investment and trade, the rule of law and environmental standards, perfect financial services, safe and efficient supervision, first-class quality of the ecological environment, and prominent high standards of radiation. The quality free trade pilot zone has laid a solid foundation for gradually exploring and steadily advancing the construction of Hainan free trade port, and establishing a free trade port policy system step by step.

2. Establishing a Pilot Free Trade Zone in Hainan

(4) Implementation scope. The implementation scope of the Pilot Free Trade Zone is the entire island of Hainan Island. The development and utilization of land and sea areas in the Pilot Free Trade Zone must comply with national laws and regulations, implement ecological civilization and green development requirements, comply with the Hainan Province's "multi-regulation and one" master plan, and meet the relevant requirements for economical and intensive land use and sea use. Involving uninhabited islands must comply with the relevant provisions of the "Island Protection Law of the People's Republic of China".

(5) Functional division. In accordance with the requirements of Hainan Province's overall planning, the development of tourism, modern service industry, and high-tech industries will be the leading and the industrial layout of Hainan Island will be scientifically arranged. According to the needs of development, special customs supervision areas shall be added, and institutional innovation with investment and trade liberalization and facilitation as the main content shall be carried out in the special customs supervision areas. The main activities are international investment and trade, bonded logistics and bonded maintenance. An additional customs supervision and isolation area was set up at the site of Sanya to carry out global animal and plant germplasm resources introduction and transfer business.

Accelerating the Construction of a New Open Economy System

(6) Significantly relax access to foreign markets. Full implementation of the national treatment before admission to the national treatment plus negative list management system. Deepen the opening up of modern agriculture, high-tech industries, and modern service industries, and increase opening up in key areas such as seed industry, medical care, education, tourism, telecommunications, the Internet, culture, finance, aviation, marine economy, and new energy vehicle manufacturing. Elimination of restrictions on foreign investment in the selection of new vegetable varieties and seed production. Decentralized the approval of foreign investment access to value-added telecommunications business to Hainan Province, removing restrictions on foreign shares in domestic multi-party communication services, Internet access services, and store-and-forward services, and allowing foreign investors to invest in domestic Internet virtual private network services (foreign equity) Ratio does not exceed 50%). The establishment of foreign-invested cultural and artistic performance groups is permitted (the Chinese party holds a majority). Relaxation of the limit on foreign equity of life insurance companies to 51%. Elimination of restrictions on foreign investment in ships (including sections), trunk lines, branch lines, general aircraft design, manufacturing and maintenance. The abolition of the requirement that oil and gas exploration and development must be carried out by signing product sharing contracts with oil and gas companies with foreign cooperation franchises approved by the Chinese government. Elimination of restrictions on foreign shareholding ratios for international shipping companies and international shipping agency companies. Wholly foreign-owned construction enterprises established in the Pilot Free Trade Zone are allowed to contract for construction projects in the zone without being restricted by the investment proportion of both parties in the project. Foreign professionals who have obtained China's first-level registered architect or first-level registered structural engineer qualifications are permitted to set up construction engineering design offices in accordance with the requirements of corresponding qualification standards. Elimination of restrictions on foreign investment in new energy vehicle manufacturing.

(7) Improve the level of trade facilitation. For goods entering and leaving Hainan's Yangpu Bonded Port Area, in addition to goods that are prohibited from being imported, exported, and restricted, and that require inspection and quarantine, a "front-line deregulation and second-line efficient control" of goods entry and exit management system has been implemented. Accelerate the construction of a "single window" of international trade with an internationally advanced level, promote data coordination, simplification and standardization, achieve full-process collection of information such as logistics and supervision, and achieve information exchange, mutual recognition of supervision, and mutual assistance in law enforcement. Based on the customs clearance status information of the port management department, the operation information is integrated to form a complete comprehensive information status of customs clearance logistics, providing enterprises with full data services. Strengthen the law enforcement cooperation of the port management departments and implement a one-time joint inspection across departments. Information sharing of ship certificates of the three departments of maritime affairs, transportation and ship inspection was implemented. Actively promote the systematic construction of average cargo release and customs clearance time, and establish standardized measurement standards and transparent announcement mechanisms. Expand the scope of products and institutions that accept third-party inspection results. In accordance with the arrangements of free trade agreements, promote the implementation of the system of independent declaration of origin and the degree of pre-arrangement of origin. Extend the scope of application of the temporary import goods document system and extend the validity of the document book. Parallel import auto companies can use customs facilitation measures such as price advance rulings and collective taxation. Innovate the way to guarantee the export of patent disputes over goods. Support the trial of customs guarantee insurance. Simplify the export licensing process for wildlife.

(8) Innovate comprehensive trade supervision model. Study on granting general VAT taxpayer qualifications for enterprises in special customs supervision areas, and comprehensively implement classified supervision of cargo status in special customs supervision areas. The study supports the implementation of bonded supervision of the “two-end-out” aviation maintenance business outside the special customs supervision area. Under the premise of controllable risks, we will innovate the maintenance supervision model and carry out foreign cruise ship maintenance business. Improve the early warning mechanism for imported commodity risks, strengthen security risk monitoring, and implement a security issue investigation system. Establish a safety traceability system for import and export of important products, realize the traceability of the entire process of key sensitive products, and interface with the national important product traceability platform to achieve information sharing. Export of high-quality agricultural products is exempt from issuing inspection and quarantine certificates and filing. Optimize the quarantine and inspection process for special items for experimental research and development that are co-developed with global biomedicine. Improve the layout of the International Mail Exchange Bureau (exchange station), strengthen the construction of international express mail supervision centers, and build important cross-border e-commerce delivery centers. Support the establishment of commodity futures bonded delivery warehouses in special customs supervision areas and bonded supervision sites.

(9) Promote trade transformation and upgrading. Cultivate new business formats and new models, and support the development of cross-border e-commerce and global maintenance formats. Explore the establishment of a negative list management system for cross-border service trade. Support Hainan to enjoy the service outsourcing model city policy and establish a characteristic service export base. Support Hainan to establish a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone, and improve and improve support systems such as customs supervision, finance, and logistics. Support cross-border e-commerce enterprises to build overseas warehouses covering key countries and markets. Support the launch of bonded import of online shopping for cross-border e-commerce retail imports. Support the establishment of international cultural arts trading venues in special customs supervision areas, and carry out global bonded cultural arts display, auction, and trading operations in accordance with laws and regulations. Trial implementation of record management of imported non-special use cosmetics. Support the development of offshoring and bonded delivery of bulk commodities such as rubber. Support multinational companies and trading companies to establish and develop global or regional trading networks and build regional offshore trading centers. Support qualified oil supply enterprises to launch bonded oil supply business for international sailing vessels and build bonded oil supply bases. Delegated the authority to approve international express delivery business licenses to the Hainan Provincial Postal Administration.

(10) Accelerating financial opening and innovation. Give full play to the important role of financial support for the establishment of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, introduce a package of financial measures, and take the service of the real economy and promote the facilitation of trade investment and financing as the starting point and end point, with institutional innovation as the core, and vigorously promote the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Financial openness and innovation. Further expand the cross-border use of RMB, explore the convertibility of capital projects, deepen management reform, explore investment and financing exchange facilitation, expand the opening of the financial industry, and provide quality financial services for trade and investment facilitation.

(11) Strengthen the "Belt and Road" international cooperation. In accordance with the principle of "co-negotiation, co-construction and sharing", a comprehensive three-dimensional open channel is constructed. Encourage the “Belt and Road” countries and regions to participate in the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Support the “Belt and Road” countries to set up consulates in Hainan. Support scientific and technological innovation and cooperation with the “Belt and Road” countries in science, technology, humanities exchanges, joint laboratories, science and technology park cooperation, and technology transfer. Promote Haikou, Sanya and the “Belt and Road” countries and regions to expand airway arrangements, including fifth freedom rights, improve airport flight security capabilities, and attract relevant national and regional airlines to open routes through Hainan. To carry out exchanges, cooperation and functional docking with the “Belt and Road” countries and regions in the areas of investment, trade, finance, and education.

4. Accelerating the innovation and development of the service industry

(12) Promote the agglomeration and development of modern service industries. Relying on the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Zone, vigorously develop international medical tourism and high-end medical services, and research on appropriate reduction of tariffs on certain medical devices that need to be imported within the scope of the Pioneer Zone and have higher tariff rates. Support the research project of cutting-edge clinical medical technology for stem cells. Relying on the foundation of the existing pharmaceutical industry, we will explore and carry out pilot projects for the transfer and transformation of major scientific and technological achievements for the creation of major new drugs. Encourage Chinese and foreign airlines to open or encrypt Hainan's direct international routes to major global passenger sources. Support the holding of large-scale international exhibitions and festivals such as the International Commodities Fair, the International Film Festival, and the China (Hainan) International Marine Industry Expo, as well as cultural tourism, international brands and other exhibitions suitable for the characteristics of the Hainan industry. Optimize the supervision of international conferences, competitions and exhibitions, and further simplify the management of inspection and quarantine of exhibits. Support the introduction of international planning, construction engineering, architectural design, arbitration, accounting, intellectual property, medical and health, film and television, convention and exhibition and other professional service agencies to promote the concentration of service elements. The Free Trade Pilot Zone is authorized to formulate management measures for professionals in Hong Kong and Macao, allowing professionals in the service fields of finance, construction, planning, and patent agency with Hong Kong and Macao practice qualifications to provide professional services to enterprises in the Pilot Free Trade Zone after filing. We will support Hainan in piloting supply chain innovation and applications. Create a global and domestic global trade logistics node for Unicom, and promote the exchange of logistics information such as ports, airports, railway stations, and logistics parks. Strengthen the construction of the cold chain infrastructure network, create an island fast cold chain channel, and provide high-quality cold chain express logistics services. In the field of transportation, we will improve the express mail processing facilities and green channels, improve the international express delivery processing capacity, and serve to drive cross-border e-commerce and other related industries. Construction of an international tropical agricultural product trading center, a pricing center, and a price index publishing center focusing on natural rubber. Established a tropical agricultural auction center. Support the improvement of cross-border consumer service functions. Establish a high-quality business integrity demonstration province.

(13) Enhance international shipping capabilities. Relying on the Pilot Free Trade Zone, scientific and orderly development and utilization of marine resources, fostering and expanding distinctive marine economy, and building a service guarantee base in the South China Sea. Build an international shipping hub with strong service functions and radiation capabilities, and continuously improve global shipping resource allocation capabilities. We will vigorously introduce domestic and foreign shipping companies to set up regional headquarters or operation centers in the Pilot Free Trade Zone to promote the concentration of shipping elements. Actively nurture and strengthen foreign ship supply companies, enrich the supply of foreign ship varieties, and provide daily necessities, spare parts, materials, engineering services and agency services for ships entering the free trade pilot zone. Utilize the existing taxation policy for flag ships of convenience to promote the registration of eligible ships in the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Expand the scope of domestic and foreign trade same-ship transportation, and state-of-the-art belt transportation, and improve the overall efficiency of transportation resources. Support domestic and overseas enterprises and institutions to carry out high-end shipping services such as shipping insurance, shipping arbitration, average adjustment, shipping transactions, and ship financing leasing, and build a modern international shipping service platform. Support the establishment of a professional local legal person shipping insurance agency. Cultivate and develop professional third-party ship management companies. Gradually open the classification inspection of Chinese international ships. Decentralize the administrative permission of non-vessel shipping and foreign-funded international ship management business to Hainan Province.

(14) Enhance the ability of high-end tourism services. Develop cruise routes around Hainan Island, support cruise companies to expand cruise routes in Southeast Asia and other regions in accordance with market demand, and continuously enrich cruise line products from Hainan cruise ports. The research supports Sanya and other cruise ports to participate in the pilot of the China-owned Convenience Flag cruise on the high seas, and to include Hainan into the international tourism “multi-stop” route. Actively support the implementation of the 15-day visa exemption policy for foreign tourist groups on cruises. Optimize the quarantine supervision mode for cruise ships and cruise passengers. Establish an onshore international distribution center for cruise tourism, and establish a customs supervision system such as inspection, quarantine, inspection and release suitable for international distribution business. Simplify yacht entry procedures. Hainan is allowed to conduct trials on the approval of temporary open waters for offshore yachts. Implementation of the free travel of Qionggang, Macau and Yachts. Build a first-class international travel health care center to provide high-quality international travel medical services for immigration personnel. Strengthen the construction of the credit system in the tourism industry.

(15) Strengthen international cooperation in science and technology. Create an open development platform for Southern breeding technology. Designate specific areas, designate ports to govern and strengthen biosafety management, build a global transfer base for the introduction of animal and plant germplasm resources, and explore the establishment of transfer isolation bases (protection areas), quarantine centers, germplasm preservation centers, and provenance trading centers. Promote the construction of agricultural science and technology support and talent training bases for foreign cooperation. Introducing cutting-edge scientific and technological resources from international scientific research institutions and universities in the deep and deep sea areas to create world-class deep sea scientific and technological innovation