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Secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee: Research on Free Trade Port Policy and Institutional System Enters the Stage of Accelerating Refinement
Issuing time:2020-03-07 09:09:40

China News Network Haikou, September 30 (Reporter Yin Haiming) Liu Cigui, secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Party Committee, said at the "Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China on the Hainan National Day Reception" on the 30th. Into the stage.

Liu Cigui said that since "13.13" last year, Hainan has made new breakthroughs in reform and opening up. The "1 + N" policy system was successively introduced and implemented, and major reforms such as "multi-regulation integration" and "six trials" of provinces and other provinces have achieved significant results. Institutional innovation is the core to promote the construction of free trade pilot zones and form commercial registrations. 42 system innovation achievements including the "Provincial General Office". The Hainan Free Trade Port Law was officially put on the national legislative agenda, and the research on free trade port policies and institutional systems has entered a stage of accelerated elaboration. The 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Boao Forum for Asia is about to become an important forum with global influence. Policy effects such as departure tax rebates, outlying island tax exemption, entry visa exemption for 59 countries, and the opening of airway rights have continued to expand. On the basis of the rapid growth of last year, newly-established foreign investment enterprises, actual utilization of foreign investment, and import and export volume have increased by 189.2%, 565.5%, and 37.4% respectively from January to August this year. With the entry of accounting firms, a new pattern of higher-level reform and opening up is taking shape.

Hainan's high-quality development has achieved new results. Dominated by the tourism industry, modern service industry, and high-tech industries, strengthened and strengthened twelve key industries, and built three major science and technology cities in Nanfan, Shenzhen, and aerospace. Six batches of free trade pilot zone construction projects were started and signed. There were 664 projects started, with a total investment of 309.8 billion yuan, 348 contracted projects, and a total investment of 354.5 billion yuan. At the same time, with the determination of the strong man to break the "real estate dependence", the "two guarantees" 100-day operation, the International Tourism Consumption Year, etc. Activities to accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and upgrade and upgrade the infrastructure of the “Five Networks”.

Hainan has made new progress in adhering to the training of talents and the introduction of “two-wheel drive”. Implemented the "Million Talents Entering Hainan" action plan, paid more attention to the introduction of international talents, more than 70,000 Chinese and foreign talents started business in Hainan, established 118 academician workstations and academic team innovation centers, and pioneered the establishment of more than 40 "migratory bird" talents in the country. workstation. Efforts were made to cultivate and support local talents, launched the "South China Sea Series" and other talent training programs, and selected and trained nearly 3,000 experts.

Hainan's ecological civilization has achieved new results. Steady progress was made in the construction of the National Ecological Civilization Experimental Zone and the Tropical Rain Forest National Park, the tropical rain forests occupying 1/7 of the entire Hainan Island area were carefully protected, and a horizontal compensation system for ecological protection in the upper and lower reaches of the river basin was initially established. We will coordinate and advance the six special environmental management projects, coastal zone management, and human settlement management. In recent years, the forest coverage rate has stabilized at more than 62.1%, and the excellent rate of ambient air quality is about 99%. The ecological and environmental quality of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and offshore waters has maintained a national first-class level.

The living standards of the people of Hainan have been newly improved. More than 70% of fiscal expenditure is devoted to people's livelihood, and people's livelihood and welfare such as employment, education, medical care, housing, and social security continue to improve. For example, comprehensively promote the construction of at least one provincial-level middle school, primary school, kindergarten, and hospital in each city and county.

Liu Cigui said that with the magnificent history of New China in the past 70 years, Hainan has experienced the historical process of liberation throughout the country, the establishment of a special economic zone in the province, the construction of an international tourist island, the construction of a free trade pilot zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. The huge window from the closed and backward border islands to China's reform and opening up, from the waste to be prospered to the prosperity of all industries, from the lonely overseas to the connected world, from the ecological fragility to the green treasure island, from absolute poverty to the victory of a comprehensive well-off change.

Liu Cigui said that Hainan will build a free trade pilot zone with high standards and high quality in accordance with the highest level of openness in the world today, accelerate the process of exploring and constructing Hainan free trade port, and build China's important opening door to the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Taking advantage of the island's overall pilot, overall controllable risks, and low trial and error costs, it plans and promotes reform at a higher starting point to create a new benchmark for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up in the new era.